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Day 19 – Plymouth and the Mayflower

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Braintree, is about 20 minutes south of Boston by car and an hour or so north of Cape Cod; ideally placed for exploring both but, with a week to fill, there was plenty of time and we wanted something different to begin with. The answer was Plymouth.

Plymouth is where the original pilgrims eventually landed and settled in December 1620 following their voyage on the Mayflower from Plymouth in England, after a month long stop in Cape Cod. Following the long and difficult journey, more than half of the voyagers perished in the harsh winter that followed and were buried in a large unmarked grave high on the hill by the survivors trying to disguise the extent of their losses from the native community. P1090976A replica Mayflower sailed from England in 1957 and now stands in Plymouth (MA) harbour. Plymouth Rock, believed by some to be the very landing point of the Mayflower, bears the year of that first landing and stands in what has been designated the smallest state park in Massachusetts. We had a quick look, decided that it was indeed a large rock with the date inscribed on it, and moved on!P1090984

The town itself is lovely with cute shops and restaurants along the harbour and a thriving whale watching trade that got our attention.  The largest fleet is run by a business called Captain John – a sure sign that we ought to take a chance and book, so we bought tickets for the following Monday; Columbus Day.

It was at that point that Nick realised his wallet was missing.  The ferocious pace of our travels so far was taking its toll on all of us and the long drive the previous day added to Nick’s fatigue; he couldn’t be certain whether he had his wallet when we set out earlier but he definitely didn’t have it now. We retraced our steps through the town just in case and then drove back, somewhat stressed and contemplating the process of stopping credit cards and trying to arrange new ones whilst constantly moving around, only to find the offending item on the night stand when we got back.

What a relief.

One thought on “Day 19 – Plymouth and the Mayflower

  1. What a relief that you found it! So enjoying following your travels xx


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