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Less than 10 weeks to go…

It’s the end of the final school term and, just like the boys, I am exhausted.  Poor Alex has been at home with a temperature and a croup-like cough all week.  I dragged him along to John’s sports day yesterday and he sat on my lap not wanting to move for hours; definitely not himself.  Emotionally, I am struggling with John finishing at Primary School. He seems to be coping much better than me although there has been the odd wobble, which is not surprising since I keep saying things like “Make the most of today, it will be your last ever Thursday at Primary School.”

Oh give it a rest already!

Katie Boag, an artist and parent at the school, has created a beautiful painting illustrating so many of the varied and wonderful experiences that the children have enjoyed over the years; a lovely keepsake which has me snivelling every time I see it. When we chose the school we had no idea of the family ethos that it embodies:  A place that welcomes parents to wander in and out all day long, any time and that, at its core, is simply a place that loves and cherishes its children in the truest sense.  I’ve commented before about how supportive the school have been about our decision to take a year away travelling with the boys and it really has made the planning so much easier but, of course, it also makes it that much harder to leave.

In other news, it looks like we have found a tenant for our house, although the paperwork is not signed yet so the superstitious voice in my head is telling me not to count those pesky chickens.  Nick has started packing boxes and now and again I go to look for something only to find it has been bubble wrapped and buried somewhere in the garage.  The list making habit I formed earlier in the year is now out of control and we have spreadsheets that seem to be out of date the minute I update them.

We had a look at booking seats on our first flight yesterday and discovered that Virgin have joined the ranks of the budget airlines and decided to charge passengers for the privilege of choosing their seats.  Not to worry, I am quite happy to be sat many rows away from the boys as I’ve no doubt, after 3 or 4 hours in the air, Virgin will be offering to pay me to sit with them!

Of course, I am joking; it is Nick’s snoring that will really have the other passengers complaining!