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Technical incompetence


When I married Nick I knew that he could find his way around a computer and that was useful; amongst the many things he brings to our partnership it’s like I’ve got my own branch of the PC World help desk on hand 24/7.  The trouble is that when you have someone in the family who is quite good at something, particularly something that you yourself are not really interested in, well you just don’t bother learning. Even the basics.  To some extent that’s how partnerships work – he likes cars; I get palpitations every time I have to put fuel in one of them in case I’m not thinking and manage to pick diesel instead of unleaded.  I like cooking; he can follow instructions on the microwave if I’m out.  It sort of works – he picks the cars and I choose dinner.

He has pretty much left me to my own devices when it comes to this blog and I thought I was doing pretty well – I’ve managed to create an account (when I can remember my username) and, more by luck than judgement, I seem to have picked a blog theme which is readable on a phone as well as a pc. So far, so good.

So it came as a bit of a surprise when I logged in today from my parents house to see what everyone else sees. It seems that adverts have been inserted throughout the last few blog entries embedded into words that were used in entirely different contexts – like the word “bonds” suddenly takes you to some dodgy looking investment advert.  I’m hesitant to repeat the words for fear that further dubious looking financial adverts that have no affiliation with me or even frankly the subjects I’m writing about will appear.

It’s late and the juvenile in me wants to see what happens when I insert random words like cockamamie and chilli sausage – will it be an advert for absurd South American recipes or something to warm up middle aged ladies bored with their usual culinary repertoire – the mind boggles!

In the meantime, I’m struggling with the basics like adding more than one photograph at a time and something called “widgets” – something I suspect I need but can’t actually be arsed to find out what for.  (**Note – deliberate use of the @rse word there for similar juvenile reasons cited above).

I think it’s time for a call to the help desk – I wonder if he is awake.

5 thoughts on “Technical incompetence

  1. You have done amazingly well with the blog so far and you’ll continue to learn as you go. I was surprised to see you mention the ads though – I have never seen any and I stalk you – I mean read this – a lot.


    • According to the IT department it is only happening when the site is accessed via a desk top. So mobile and tablet users seem to be spared for the time being. I suspect it’s only my parents who view the site from a PC so hopefully a little chat with them about avoiding the blue words will do the trick. Nick did start explaining how the ads are being incorporated but I’m afraid I glazed over and passed out.


  2. Haha! Funny how partnerships are built on a division of duties of some sort or the other. πŸ˜‰ I don’t function in the morning until mine brings a frothy hot cappuccino to the side of the bed so the smell starts to rouse some sign of life in me!

    Alas the ads thing will creep in over time as readership and activity increases. I understand it is how WordPress subsidises the server space for popular blogs. So if it on the desktop today… will be visible on a laptop at some point… However so far I don’t see ads with your blog. πŸ™‚


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