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Another month almost over, Christmas around the corner and an overwhelming sense that every so often I’m dropping a ball or two.  Poor Teddy was distraught this morning; he’d forgotten to give in the cheque to order the Christmas cards that he’d designed at school and yesterday was the last day; by the time I found the order form still in it’s envelope after breakfast, nothing could be done. There were tears and a few of them were mine.  It really doesn’t matter – we can make Christmas cards next week but I understood his disappointment – if only we could rewind the clock and set a reminder in time.

My house is a legitimate reflection of my chaotic mind at the moment.  We’ve been trying to sort through the garage and loft and so there is junk everywhere waiting to be organised – things for selling, for donating, for cleaning and repairing and so on but after a while it’s really hard to look at it without wincing.  I need a few more lists.  Today I’ll be popping to the post office to send off some books I’ve managed to sell via an online book buying company.  Most have been valued at just a few pence each but the odd one, for example a teach yourself calligraphy tutorial book of all things, has been valued at £10 – go figure!

We are having a family lunch on Sunday to celebrate Alex’s 4th birthday and madly, I’m cooking, as if I haven’t got enough to do!  He had a little party last weekend with his friends at a soft play centre and was overjoyed at finally being able to blow out some candles and hear “happy birthday” being sung for him.  The trouble is, he now thinks he is 4 and cannot make the distinction between his party last week and his birthday this week! He hasn’t noticed that he didn’t receive any cards or gifts from his family last week – all that mattered was that we were all there celebrating with him – so he thinks that was it 🙂  It’s going to be interesting explaining that he is not 5 this weekend and he won’t be having a birthday once a week from now on: It’s so confusing when you are only 3!

So there we are, that’s the current state of play; like so many other women trying to do too much, the daily challenge of keeping all those balls moving leaves me gasping for air and longing for a reprieve.  Not long now.

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