brave enough to start

family of five who can, should and definitely will, see more of the world


We are the Jones family from Winnersh, near Reading in South East England:

Dad – Nick, our navigator, chief packer and voice of reason;

Mum – Nicola, list maker, worrier and main updater for the blog;

The boys – John (9), Teddy (7) and Alex (4) all set for the ride of their lives.

I’m going to ask the others to add more about themselves at a later date, I have a notion that the older boys will keep a journal of our year as part of their home learning and now and again we might add some of it to the blog.  Realistically, as lofty as my home schooling ambitions for the children are, I can see that Alex’s contributions will more likely come in the form of my photographs of his artwork but, at 4 years old, that will probably give some insight into who he is at the time!

So, a little bit more about who I am.

The shorthand version is that I am a 38 year old mother of 3 boys who works part time facilitating antenatal courses for a national charity and occasionally acting as a deputy registrar of marriages at the local Register Office.  I have a law degree and in years gone by I practised law in a fairly pressurised corporate environment.  I can confirm that 3 young boys are more work than any day I ever had in the office!

But none of that really tells you who I am. So for those interested in the longer version, here it is: I am a people person; I like being with other people, listening to their stories and laughing with them.  After a few years working in that corporate environment I realised that to be happy, I need to care about what I’m doing; working with documents and intangible transactions was never going to do it for me.  I also value the ability to think and constantly question and revise my own views.  There is an element of the rebel in me; I am drawn to doing things that are unconventional simply because when I go with the majority it often indicates that I haven’t given much thought to whatever it is I’m doing.  When I break away from the norm it is because, rightly or wrongly, thought and reason have led me down an alternative path.  I feel most alive when I am exploring and doing new things.  Nick and I have joked for a long time that our decision to take the boys travelling for a year is our mid-life crisis – better than an affair or a sports car, we tell each other (although I know he would like the sports car!). Some people find comfort in routine but in my case it is the opposite; when life becomes full of those day to day things I switch off and time seems to accelerate. I have written more about why we are taking this trip under the “why” tab of this blog, but for me personally I have been inspired by many of the blogs of other travelling families who have enjoyed living, learning and exploring together in a way that gets the most out of life.  If I am lucky there is plenty of living, learning and exploring ahead and in the meantime I am comfortable with the mid-life crisis label!



14 thoughts on “who

  1. I guess this is the coolest travel blog I have seen recently! What an amazing family! 🙂 Happy travels

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  2. Wishing you luck in your travels – it’s all good fun 🙂

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    • Thanks Cathy, we are all so excited and part of the reason for the blog is so that we can look back one day and remember all this excitement with the whole trip still ahead of us. In part I am impatient to go but on the other hand, the planning is fun too 🙂


  3. Travel, living abroad, families, antenatal teacher for a “national charity” – looks like we will have a lot in common! I look forward to reading about your adventures….


  4. You are a very fortunate young woman. I sometimes tell my daughters stories about what I had to endure while working in the mid-1960s (before equal rights for women) and how it was all worthwhile now that they have successful careers with the same pay as men, they don’t have to put up with any type of harassment, etc. I wish you happy travels with your lovely family & happy Blogging 101!

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  5. Hi Nicola, you are very full of spirit. I like your post and hope can learn much from you.
    I mostly did routine activities and hardly ever did traveling with my family. By reading your posts, I hope someday I can be like you too.
    Warm regards from Indonesia 🙂

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  6. I always wanted to do something like this with my family! If you’re ever in the American Rockies and looking for suggestions, you can always find me on my blog.

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  7. Oh my I cannot believe you’re actually finally doing this! I remember talking about travelling LONG ago! So very happy for you!

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  8. We are a family of four (with a 9 and a 7 year old) who have just moved from the Netherlands to Australia. We did not relocate because we had to, but are doing it for the adventure. Your plans sounds like a great adventure! Great to be travelling together. I am looking forward to reading your posts. Enjoy every second as time will fly by so quickly!


  9. Inspiring…and i’ve only just read ‘who’. I placed my daughter in morning nursery 4 weeks ago and have struggled with that decision from day 1. My husband and i are in very early chats about showing her the world before being caught up in academia. I shall be following your travels

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  10. Wow what a trip – look forward to reading about it ! Mel O’Rourke

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